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Nick Burns - Hip Hop Choreographer

Nick Burns began his dance career at the age of 5, mimicking legendary Michael Jackson and James Brown. Nick performed at numerous talent shows & events locally and out of state, such as the beautiful Jamboree, Greenville's Got Talent, and myFM Blockbuster Dance competition.Nick began to make a transition from "street" to "professional" at the age of 15, assembling dance crews and hitting underground circuits. He evolved his style into "street" Hip-Hop, while creating a series of successful workshops. Nick's videos on YouTube and World Star Hip-Hop allowed his work to go viral and be seen across the country.Nick eventually began teaching in studios and started choreographing pieces for dance teams. His studio and recent work includes: the 2010 Alpha Kappa and ETO Cotillion, which presents over 200 dancers at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. Nick was also one of the top finalist at "So you think you can dance" Atlanta auditions. Nick also developed a Hip-Hop dance craze called MindBending.Nick travels across the country promoting dance and helping under-privileged dancers from rural areas. Nick currently resides in Greenville.

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