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Tights & Shoes

LD Company 2020-2021 Tights/Shoe list for Competition:

Ballet Co I: TBD.

Ballet Co II: TBD

Lyrical I: TBD

Lyrical II: TBD

Lyrical III: TBD

Mini Jazz:  TBD

Majors Jazz: TBD

Jr I Jazz:  TBD


Teen I Jazz: TBD

Teen II Jazz: TBD

Senior Jazz: No tights, No shoes

Mini Contemporary: TBD

Majors Contemporary: TBD

Jr Contemporary I: TBD

Jr Contemporary II: TBD

Teen I Contemporary: 

Teen II Contemporary: 

Senior Contemporary: No tights, No shoes

Finale:  TBD

Musical Theater I:  TBD

Musical Theater II: TBD

Musical Theater III: TBD

Musical Theater IV: TBD

Tap Mini: TBD

Tap 2:  TBD

Tap 3:  TBD

Tap 4:  TBD

Tap 5: TBD

HH Tiger: TBD

HH Jaguar: TBD

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