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Meet our Company Moms & Prop Dads

Company Moms

Ballet 1:   Erin Bergeron, Mary Neal

Ballet 2:   Heather Peden, Regina Gilstrap
Lyrical 1:  Jessica Martin, Erin Bergeron
Lyrical 2:  Kelly Daniels, Leah Anderson
Lyrical 3:  TJ Smith, Susie Flynn

Mini Jazz/Contemporary:  Tiffany Sanders, Maria Guevara
Majors Jazz/Contemporary:  Danielle Gomez, Kendra Tabookis
Junior I Jazz/Contemporary:  Kelly Wamser, Tiffany Sanders
Junior II Jazz/Contemporary:  Tonya Epps, Ashley Fortenberry
Teen I Jazz/Contemporary:   Jennifer Anthony, Nina Bloomingburg
Teen II Jazz/Contemporary:  Leah Anderson, Kelly Daniels 
Senior Jazz/Contemporary:  Leslie Moore, Pam Lowrance

Hip Hop Tiger: Kendra Tabookis
Hip Hop Jaguar:  Susie Flynn, Lauren Kelley

Musical Theater I: Danielle Gomez, Sarah McBride
Musical Theater II: Tiffany Sanders
Musical Theater III:  Anna Keith, Donna Palmer
Musical Theater IV: Bud Lawen, Ann Stone

Tap Minis: Amanda Peterson, Kayla Raines
Tap 2: Mary Neal
Tap 3: Jessica Martin
Tap 4:  Kelly Wamser
Tap 5:  Joni Chapman, Ashley Livengood

Finale: TJ Smith, Heather Peden, Beth Blackston, Sarah McBride

Prop Dads

Mike Anderson

Cliff Bergeron

Ted Blackston

Bobby Chapman

Sergio Gomez

Ryan Keith

Tony Lawen

DJ Livengood

Justin Neal

Chad Sanders

Josh Wamser

Zachary Trabookis

Cory Powell

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