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What do do if you get an invitation to edit pages?

Before anyone can edit, they must be a contributor to the site, with the Admin role.
As a Company Mom, you will have access to edit the site. Before you can, you will
need to be invited as a contributor.
a. You should receive an invitation in your email with “You’re invited to
Become a Website Contributor” in the title.
b. Accept the invitation by clicking on “Accept Now”
c. Next, you’ll see “Welcome to Wix” – Click the “Accept” button below that.
You will be re-directed to the site for editing.
Edit, Save, Preview, Publish -
a. Edit – To edit anything on the site, you must be in Edit mode. If you see the
buttons above in the top right corner, you are in edit mode.
b. Preview - To preview a page BEFORE saving it to see if it’s acceptable. In
the top right corner, select <Preview>.
c. Save - To Save a page, but NOT publish it yet to the internet. For instance,
you are done working on it for the day, select <Save>, but plan on going
back to it later on.
d. Publish - When you are ready for it to “Go Live”, select <Publish>. Go Live
is sending it to the internet.
When you are in Preview mode, you must select <Back to Editor> before being able
to edit again.

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