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Let's Dance Named Studio of the Year at Star Talent Nationals

Studio of the year 2.png

Petite Excel Solo
Grand National Champion

Mini Excel Duo/Trio
National Champions

Petite Excel Duo/Trio
National Champions

1,000 years (2).png

1,000 Years

Petite Excel Small Group
National Champions

Nature 2 (2).png


Muscle mins (2).png

Muscle Minis

Senior Elite Solo
Grand National Champion

Pray you catch me.jpg

Pray You Catch Me

Buzz off (2).png

Buzz Off

Teen Extreme Large Group
National Champions


Dancers Run on Dunkin

Teen Elite Line 
National Champions

Sister Act (2).png

Sister Act

 Petite Excel Production
Grand National Champions

Annie Star Talent 2023.jpg


Title Winners

Title Winners (2).png

Luna, Mikayla, Noely, Isabelle, Lillian

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