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We Did It!

Teen II -Company

Senior - Company

                                      July 2020  Charleston SC

  To say 2020 has been an unusual year is an understatement.  Thanks to Covid-19 nothing happened as normal.  After months of only Zoom online classes we were able to get back to in person classes the first of May.  With only a month of in person classes we were able to pull off our first ever socially distanced recital, and in July our Company kids were actually able to attend our second competition of the year.  It happened to be Nationals, but man did we make the most of it.  Our teams won numerous awards and accolades but the very best part was getting back on the performance stage.  Two of our teams were chosen to give a repeat performance at Nationals as standing ovation finalist.  Enjoy our Teen team and our Senior teams ovation performances.  Thanks you Encore DCS and we are looking forward to next year.  Way to go Let's Dance!

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