Let's Dance In the News

Best in the upstate!

Dancer Mackenzie Keith

7/2/16 Orlando, FL

Mackenzie's dance choreography entry was called "A Whole New World". She won first place in the Primary division for her school, Bryson Elementary, which advanced her to the state level. At the state level, she was 1st place and received an "Award of Excellence" in the primary division. She also received the state award for "Best Interpretation of Theme" out of all dance choreography entries in grades K-12. Then, her entry advanced to the national level. We found out in May that out of over 1,000 entries that advanced to the national level, she was one of the seven chosen to receive awards in the primary division for the category of Dance Choreography! She received a "National Award of Merit" and was presented with this award at a ceremony in Orlando!

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