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When should my child begin dance classes ?

Our classes begin mid August but students can join throughout the year. Summer is also a great time to start.

Should my son take dance?

Yes! Boys can dance any style of dance. Hip hop and tap are very popular with the boys. 

When will my child begin Pointe training?

​Students have to take ballet technique classes for a while before they are ready for pointe. A student also must be 11 or older to start pointe work. Our ballet instructor will evaluate every student to see if they are ready to start pointe. 

Why is Ballet so important to dancers?

The technique and core strength learned in ballet will help with every discipline of dance.​

What attire does my child need to wear to dance class?

Students will need to wear appropriate dancewear to every class. This ensures the instructor can assess that the student has proper alignment and is executing all exercises appropriately. Please see our section "what to wear to class". 

How do I enroll?

You can come to the studio and fill out a paper registration form or you can register through our website. Click registration link on the home page.

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