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What are our Customers saying?

When my daughter started dancing at Let's dance 7 years ago she would barely open her mouth, even when spoken to. At her first dance recital I was so afraid that she was going to walk out on that stage and just stare at the audience. Dancing at Let's Dance has given her confidence, poise and self assurance that she can do anything. Her technique level has grown well beyond her age level (in my opinion). Let's Dance is not just an ordinary dance studio, it's a dance family. It's where I've meet some of my best friends. We love Let's Dance!!!!

- Shanita

We have been at Let's Dance for five years and have been amazed at our daughter's progress through the years. The entire Let's Dance Community has continually instilled the value of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of team work. With our daughter in particular, we have seen her become much more outgoing and confident. It's more than just a dance school; it is our family.

- Leah

We absolutely love "Let's Dance"! It is a great environment where the teachers really care about each and every student making sure they are learning and still having fun. My son Todd has not only learned dance skills, but life skills that he will take with him forever.

- Candy

My children have been dancing at Lets Dance collectively for 17 years. Before that, I took classes at Lets Dance for a year. We have always found the staff professional and knowledgeable. The music and costume is always family friendly and age appropriate! Although my daughter dances for Mauldin High School, she is still in dance Company and is also taking technique classes as well. My oldest daughter even stayed past her senior year in high school and danced her freshman year in college.

- Beth

Both my daughters have taken dance at Let's Dance.  My youngest started at 3 years old, she is now 9 years old and currently on the competition dance teams.  She has gained so much more confidence in the last 4 years. I am so proud of her. My oldest is enrolled at Clemson. I feel her dance training laid the foundation for her to be a competitor and her drive for success.  I am thankful for Let's Dance.  I consider this one of my best investments.  


Amy Forde is a true gem.  She has been the same authentic person I've known over the last 16 years.  She is very responsive and treats every dancer as if they were her own. Let's Dance moms and dads are very welcoming.  I see them as my extended family.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Let's Dance is the place to be!!! 

- Bridgette

Marley started Let's Dance in 2013 at the age of 3. At that time she attended daycare at Pelham Road Baptist and Let's Dance came out weekly for dance class. Both my husband and I worked full time so having this class was a perfect fit. Marley immediately fell in love with her teacher and continued for the next 2 years to take dance at daycare with Let's Dance. The recitals are by far one of the most organized recitals I've ever seen. I also heard amazing things about the Let's Dance facility and company just by word of mouth. Let's be honest people vote with their feet so when the time came for Marley to start kindergarten there was no question as to where she would continue to dance at. Marley has since had 2 more teachers From Let's Dance and continues to leave their classes with a smile. I truly believe these teachers and Mrs. Amy love what they do and care about their students. As parents we need convenience, consistency and let's not forget, an enjoyable experiences when looking for extra curricular activities for our children and Let's Dance offers all of these.

- Carmella

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